Atlas Hargrove is brought to life by R. B. Schow, USA Today Bestselling Author, Amazon All-Star Award Winner, and full-time writer. As a real-life second-degree black belt and adrenaline junkie, he’s drawn to books, movies, and TV featuring gritty, capable characters who are admirable but flawed, and eventually willing and able to go knuckle-to-knuckle with the most formidable of adversaries.

That said, the best characters are always rich with personality but struggling under the weight of some internal strife. Sprinkle in some chaos and muddy the waters between right and wrong, and to him, you have a compelling tale.

He lives a wild and quiet life in Northern California, staying grounded with his wife, and their two attack kitties — let’s be honest, they’re really the ones in charge!

You’ve come to learn there are dark and brutal corners of this world that are not for the faint of heart, but he’d love to have you join him and the rest of the crew in the Atlas Hargrove Facebook Group and stay for a while to see justice served cold, one gut-wrenching case at a time.